Explore blue ice, massive glaciers and green valleys at Jostedalsbreen National Park in Skjolden. In Geiranger, experience the dramatic Geirangerfjord by boat tour. Witness Seven Sisters, Bridal Veil and Suitor waterfalls, the majestic fjord cliffs and abandoned mountain farms. And when you arrive in Bergen, be sure to visit the charming and idyllic Old Bergen Museum, one of more than 24 museums in the city.

  •  Day 1 : Southampton (London), England - Embark

Protected from the frequent storms of the English Channel by the Isle of Wight, Southampton has survived a turbulent history to serve as a principal port of the United Kingdom today. Pay homage to one of the most famous ships to sail these shores at the Mayflower Memorial. Visit the stoic walls of Bargate and the Tudor House Museum.


  • Day 2 : At Sea.


  • Day 3 : Stavanger, Norway

Chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2008, Stavanger lies in southwestern Norway's stunning fjord region. Old Stavanger has been meticulously preserved with many of its wooden cottages converted into art galleries and boutiques. But it's the museums that set this cosmopolitan city apart. Visit one of Stavanger's museums to view collections that include maritime, medical and printing artifacts. Or get outside and take a cruise around the fjords. And when in Norway, one should of course buy Norwegian wool. In addition to wool garments, Stavanger also has glasswork, pewter goods and nautical clothing for you to bring home to friends and family (or keep all to yourself).


  • Day 4 : Skjolden, Norway

Skjolden is located at the innermost point of the Sognefjorden, Norway's longest fjord. This quiet village is surrounded by mountains and waterfalls (so don't forget your camera). You'll want to snap a picture of the Lusterfjord, which is easily recognized by its emerald green colours due to the melt water from the glaciers.


  • Day 5 : Alesund, Norway

One of Norway's most beautiful towns, renowned for its Jugend-style architecture and art nouveau style. Cruise visitors will immediately notice Alesund's unique layout, as it is built on islands extending to the sea, and offers scenic views of fjords and the Sunnmore Alps. Alesund is the fishing capital of Norway.


  • Day 6 : Hellesylt, Norway

Looking for natural wonders that are truly wondrous? Look no further than the Geiranger Fjord. Emerge from a fairy tale pine forest and gaze at the fjord and surrounding mountains. You'll find much more to amaze here, from a central waterfall to the winding roads and streams of the Moldskreddalen Valley.


  • Day 7 : Geiranger, Norway

A quaint village nestled in a valley in western Norway, Geiranger grants a respite to remember. Visitors come from all over to explore the fjord and its gorgeous views of nearby waterfalls, mountainscapes and charming farms.


  • Day 8 : Bergen, Norway

View this lovely and charming Norwegian city from your cruise ship and you'll see how the city is nestled between seven mountains, seven fjords and the North Sea. The Norwegian King resided here, and many historical events took place in this busy port. These events come alive when you amble down the old streets of Bryggen, past picturesque, wooden buildings and the Romanesque-style St. Mary's church.


  • Day 9 : At Sea


  • Day 8 : Southampton (London) - Disembark

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